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Kalimera is a digital platform that combines three components: a travel guide, an online booking system and an affiliate network.

Today’s digital landscape in the tourism industry is dominated by the few big platforms that display information based on the review system. That, plus the traditional travel operator’s package deals seriously limit how the traveler experiences a destination. Most of the visitors will visit A, B, C but miss X, Y, Z.

Kalimera aims to change that by creating a win - win - win platform:

  • For the traveler: Better information and more functionality

  • For the business owner: A free reservation system and an extra flow of customers

  • For the affiliate: A continuous monetary award for bringing users to the platform

Sounds good but how does it work?

It might sound complicated, but it really isn’t! Below you can see how Kalimera works for each user type.

For the affiliate
For the business owner
For the traveler

Who is an affiliate?

Every user that brings users to the platform is an affiliate. Users can be referred to Kalimera by using an affiliate link, the provided QR code or by email.


  • A tour operator

  • A hotel

  • An employee of a hotel

  • A taxi driver

  • An Airbnb owner

  • Literally anyone!


An affiliate registers for a free affiliate account on the Kalimera platform. They create their own curated lists of things that they suggest to travelers to do in a destination.

Create list

They use the provided marketing material to bring users to the platform: custom links, QR codes, email marketing.

Suggest Kalimera to users

The affiliate earns money each time that a user who was referred to the platform by them makes a booking. They can withdrawn the funds from their Kalimera account straight to their bank account.

Affiliate made money

What businesses can enroll?

Any business that can provide online bookings for their products can register an account and be part of the Kalimera network.


  • Restaurants

  • Excursions

  • Transfer services

  • Rent a car / Rent a boat

  • Water sports

  • Experiences


The business registers an account at the Kalimera platform. They upload the basic information about their business (location, logo, menus) and the products they sell.

The business creates an account

They set the price for each product and a base availability that they want to sell through Kalimera. They also set the percentage or flat fee (depending on the business) they want to pay to affiliates for each sale.

Adding products in the platform

The business is now live on the Kalimera network, having gained increased exposure and an online availability - booking engine. They only pay a fee for each successful booking.

The business gets reservations

Why would a traveler use Kalimera?

We get it, a traveler nowadays has so much information at hand that it seems unlikely that they would use yet another platform. However no other platform offers the feature set that Kalimera has:

  • Custom made suggestion lists made by users

  • Online bookings

  • Secure payments

  • Handcrafted traveler’s guide with original material


The traveler creates an account, usually by scanning a QR code from an affiliate. They confirm their mobile number and can optionally add their credit card.


The user browses all the content the app has to offer: the curated suggestion lists of the affiliate, the tourist guide, the list of businesses and much, much more.


The traveler can see real availability for everything they want to try out in their destination and can easily book anything with the extra guarantee of the Kalimera network.

Our plan to
hit the

We are building a modular system - with a focus on automation, future expansion and reliable statistics.

Kalimera platform API
Partners App

For affiliates & business owners

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

Users App

For travelers

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android


  • Pilot run completed on Kos island

  • 10.000+ downloads + over 100 businesses

  • Team assembled to work on 2nd generation product

  • Passed the CapsuleT idea platform and entered the start-up accelerator

  • 2nd generation product goes live

  • Expansion to Rhodes and Astypalaia

  • First round of investment

  • Mainstream marketing actions

  • Further expansion in the Greek market

  • Automate the process of adding new destinations

  • Second round of investment

Our team

Things don’t build themselves.

We are excited that our team consists of experts in their fields, that have worked together successfully and enthusiastically before.

Petros Pikionis

MSc Electrical & Computer Engineering
Project Lead

Andreas Rapesis

BSc Information Technology
Mobile developer

Iosif Chatzimichail

Branding & Digital Marketing Consultant
Full-stack developer

Eftihia Lachanas
Project manager

B.A. English Literature & Linguistics
Digital Consultant

Thodoris Nikitaras

Back-end developer
Deployment expert

Dimitris Kiriakakis
Fullstack developer

MSc Electrical & Computer Engineering
VueJS / Ionic expert

Want to join Kalimera?

We are always looking for talented people, especially developers with experience in Laravel, Ionic and VueJS.

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